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Foster Lake Lodge is a fly-in fishing lodge located 105 air miles north of La Ronge, Saskatchewan in Canada. It is owned and operated by Trent and Noel Brunansky. It began as Trent’s dream in the 1970’s. While Trent and Noel were working in La Ronge managing a hotel the plans for building the lodge began to take shape. After several attempts to acquire a coveted lease for the property from the government, they were successful. Construction began in the spring of 1978. It was a huge undertaking as everything had to be flown in by aircraft. It took two years, a lot of coordinating, a lot of planning and a lot of love.

Over 30 years there were many challenges and developments. They lived a wonderful lifestyle, raised two sons, Lewis and Foster who also gained a love for the north and as adults were part of the new legacy.

They never could have foreseen the forest fire which destroyed the lodge in June of 2010. The fire was caused by lightning, and everything was lost but the waterfront dock. From a pile of ashes and burnt metal they were able to re-created a new and  better Foster Lake Lodge.

Their two sons were instrumental in the re-building process. From the initial design, to unloading each airplane by hand, to the final stroke of paint, their sons helped re-create Foster Lake Lodge. So again, after two years of hard work their first guests arrived in August of 2012.

The Brunansky’s are looking forward to many years of providing service and family hospitality coupled with tremendous fishing to their new and old friends.