The Gear

Equipment and Clothing Recommendations

A word about EQUIPMENT …while most who read this may be fairly accomplished fisherman, use the following information to ‘jog’ your memory to prepare to head to northern Saskatchewan.

Protect your rods! Piano Corporation’s “Phantom” rod case adjusts to various rod lengths and does every good job of protecting your valuable rods while in transit. It carries 3-4 rods per tube.

Pack you rods carefully, but do not bend the bail or reel handles in the process. (I pack my reels in a brief case and carry it.) Tape your tackle box shut with duct tape to prevent it form spilling open on the airline luggage conveyor belt.

Bring all your Bass Spinner Baits along as they work super on Northern Pike.  These fish are suckers for big, gaudy, flashy spoons and spinner bait. Give them what they like!

Fly rods offer a great experience and we stock the correct fly pattern for Northerners, Lake Trout, Whitefish and Grayling.


Dress in layers. Put on clothes and take them off according to prevailing weather conditions. June and September can be hot and cold or anything it wnats to be. Bring a high quality rain suit. You will use it as a windbreaker even when it is not raining as you may get wet from the waves action if the wind kicks up on the main lake.


Other Clothing Suggestions include:

Waterproof boots, Light wool socks, Head gear (baseball type & stocking cap), Gloves (fingerless fishing  glves work well), Sun glasses (Polaroid), Warm coat (thinsulate or insulated), Insulated underwear (polypropylene), Sun screen (maximum sun block #15). Toiletries, Medication, Camera, Small flashlight, Passport.

Travel Hint: It may be hot when you leave the U.S.A., but it can be much cooler on your arrival in Northern Saskatchewan, So keep your jacket handy when travelling.

 Baggage Limit

Each traveller is allowed 40lbs per person.