Fly Fishing

Foster Lake Fly -Fishing excursions are second to none. Just bring your fly rod and flies we’ll supply the excitement. With scenery like this you just can’t go wrong.  
That’s when big pike begin feeding for the winter, so you can find yourself brawling with a 20 or even a 30-pound waterwolf. It makes for a fight you won’t soon forget. Late season brings lake trout to the rivers, where you can tempt them with a wooly bugger or other tied treats. The river whitefish at Foster Lake are a whole new breed – ready to fight to the finish at the drop of a dry fly. And the acrobatic arctic grayling is waiting to test your fly-fishing finesse in the fast moving waters of the historic Geikie River. Fly-out excursions will take you to grayling, walleye and other special fishing experiences.

Northern Pike

BEST TIMES: June, late August, early September for trophies.
FLIES: Mega & rabbit strip divers, 1/0 – 4/0. Clouser Minnows 2/0, Lefty’s Deceiver 1/0 – 4/0.
SPAWN: Early spring, after the ice is out, water temperature between 40 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lake Trout

BEST TIMES:Late May/early June/late August & September -varies due to ice break-up/ freeze-up.
EQUIPMENT: 8-10 wt flyrods, wf floating & Teeny – 300 lines. 10 ft leaders w/tippet. 24 in. Leaders w/sink lines. Large arbored fly reels w/150 – 200 yds of Dacron backing.
FLIES: Clouser Minnow (Silver Shiner 2/0) Zonker Series #2 Tarpon Flies 2/0 Baitfish Imitations 2/0 -4/0.
SPAWN: Occurs mainly in October.


BEST TIMES: June & September for trophies. River mouths on cool mornings/late evenings.
EQUIPMENT: 6-10 wt flyrods, wf floating & sinking lines. 7-10 ft tapered leaders 0x-4x w/ tippets. 18-24 in. Leaders with sinking lines. Standard trout reel and backing.
FLIES: Crayfish #2, Clouser Minnows 2/0, Lefty’s Deceiver 2/0, selection of dry flies & nymphs.
SPAWN: Late Spring Arctic Grayling BEST TIMES – All season
EQUIPMENT: 2-5 wt flyrods, w/wf floating lines. 10-12 ft tapered leaders 3x-6x tippets. FLIES – Black Gnat 12-16, Elk Caddis 12-16, Humpies 12-16
SPAWN: – Early Spring


BEST TIMES: June, mid August to September
EQUIPMENT: 2-5 wt flyrods, w/wf floating lines, intermediate sink line. Same leader as grayling. Standard trout reel.
FLIES: Black Gnat 12-16, Elk Caddis Pupae 14-16, G.R. Hare’s nymph 12-16
SPAWN: Late Sptember/early October.

Arctic Grayling

BEST TIMES: June, mid August to October
EQUIPMENT: 2-5 wt flyrods, w/wf floating lines, 4 lb test line. Dry Flies w/Plastic Bubble.
SPAWN: Early spring.